Agency Account Services


For business owners who haven't ran paid ads before who need the proper foundation with a dialed in offer, creatives, copy, messaging, landing page, the right tracking, and have a smaller starting budget to prove their KPIs to prove their concept.
$ 2,000 Monthly
  • Reviewing Assets:
    Comprehensive assessment of account assets to ensure compliance and optimal performance.
  • Keeping Accounts Active:
    Proactive monitoring and management to prevent account inactivity or suspensions.
  • Avoiding Suspensions:
    Implementing strategies to adhere to Meta's policies and guidelines, reducing the risk of account suspensions.
  • User Issue Resolution:
    Dedicated support for addressing user concerns, resolving issues promptly, and providing assistance when needed.
  • Compliance Management:
    Ensuring adherence to Meta's evolving policies and regulations to maintain account integrity.
  • Enhanced Communication Channels:
    Improving communication avenues for clients to reach out for support and assistance effectively.
  • Account Security Measures:
    Implementing security protocols to safeguard accounts from potential threats or unauthorized access.
  • Policy Compliance Training:
    Educating clients on best practices and policy updates to maintain a compliant advertising strategy on Meta platforms.
  • Continuous Support:
    Offering ongoing assistance, guidance, and troubleshooting for a seamless experience on Meta platforms.
  • Tailored Solutions:
    Providing customized support based on individual client needs and account requirements.
  • For clients renting our agency accounts, if the monthly ad spend surpasses $10,000, a 5% commission on ad spend will be applied alongside our standard fees. This structure ensures a collaborative approach towards scaling your business, fostering mutual growth and success.